Upcoming Events 

    We are happy to share that we have begun the process of reopening the building!

Worship services will still be outside under the Japanese Maple, weather permitting. If it is too wet or cold we will move worship inside to the Sanctuary. We will leave a note on the door closest to the cemetery to let you know. Groups that we host will be able to re-enter the building soon. Please contact the groups leadership for details for each group's plan. 

If you have specific questions about the church schedule please do not hesitate to contact

the church office at (973) 667-7022, or by email at frcnutley@optimum.net.

Our schedule will continue to change as the CDC releases new guidelines.

Please notice that the guidelines for people who are vaccinated are less restrictive than

for people who are not. If you are not vaccinated please take the extra precautions.

If you are not vaccinated please consider getting vaccinated.

                                                           Scroll down for schedule.

                                                              Weekly Worship
                                                          11:00 am 
                                       We are offering a Hybrid worship experience.
                        We are worshipping in person with an indoor or outdoor service
                                   (depending on the weather) as well as a zoom option.

If you are joining us in person:


            please bring a chair. The CDC has determined that masks are not required 

            outside if you are vaccinated as well as the 6 foot distance requirement.

            Masks are welcome, but not required for those who have been vaccinated.

            Even though the mask and distance rules have been lifted for outside please be                             sensitive to those who have not been vaccinated, have underlying health conditions

            or are still not comfortable being close to others yet. 


            Masks are required no matter what your vaccination status. Please also maintain a 6 foot             distance from others. Look for the hearts in our pews. "If you're on a heart you're 6

            feet apart!". We have also placed hand sanitizer at our doorways. 


If you are joining us on Zoom:

            If you are not able to join us in person our Zoom greeter will welcome you on Zoom.                     If you would like to join us send an email with "worship" in the subject line                                       to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link to Zoom and a copy of the                           liturgy (bulletin).


Weekly Bible Study

Sunday at 5:00 EST on Zoom

                                                      Tuesday at 10:00am EST on Zoom

If you would like to join us please send an email with "Bible Study"and the day or days you wish to join us in the subject line to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link.

On Tuesday mornings we will be studying the book of Galatians but we are on a break and will start up again on September 7, 20121. On Sunday nights we are also taking the summer off but will be studying the book of Exodus on September 19th.

Weekly Christian Education

Sundays at 10:00 EST on Hybrid: In person and on Zoom

If you would like to join us please send an email with "Discovering God" in the subject line to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link. Discovering God is our weekly Christian Education program. We will plan our 21-22 year in our September sessions. Our format is to     meet the 2nd (learning week), 3rd (planning week) and 4th (response/action week) Sundays of   the month. All of the participants are currently adults but we are glad to welcome people of all ages.

Weekly Schedule

  Some scheduled events are Hybrid, some will take place online and a some will be

in person. 

                                                  See above for details and directions. 

                    NJ COVID-19 guidelines will be followed for all in person events.            




                                                     10:00am             Bible Study



                                                     10:00am             Discovering God Christian Education

                                                     11:00am             Worship



                                                     10:00am             Bible Study



                                       10:00am             Discovering God Christian Education

                                                     11:00am             Worship  

                                                        5:00pm            Bible Study



                                                     10:00am             Bible Study



                                                     11:00am             Worship 

                                                       5:00pm             Bible Study


We are glad to host many groups in our building.

Please check the group's website for dates and times:

NA, AAAl-Anon,  Al-Anon Family, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts,

ACA Reparent Through Self Love (Thursdays 1:30-2:45pm 
We are meeting on the phone, all are welcome! Dial-in number (515) 606-5187
Access code: 240675#)

(Please do not call the church office about meeting times. We only make the room available,

we do not know if the groups actually use the space every time they are scheduled) 

Please continue to check back often as our building use policies will continue to change.