Upcoming Events 

The Consistory continues to uphold the difficult decision to keep the building closed until further notice. In consultation with an Infectious Disease specialist we discovered that we can not meet the requirements currently in place to safely reopen. We understand that this decision creates a hardship for some members and those who use our facilities for their meetings, but our primary concern is the health and safety of our members and guests. 
   We will revisit this question at each consistory meeting until we are able to reopen. 
If you have specific questions please do not hesitate to contact the church office at (973) 667-7022, or by email at frcnutley@optimum.net or use our contact page.


Weekly Worship

11:00 am EST on Zoom

If you would like to join us send an email with "worship"

in the subject line to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link .

Weekly Bible Study

Sunday at 5:00 EST on Zoom

Tuesday at 10:00am EST on Zoom

If you would like to join us please send an email with "Bible Study"and the day or days you wish to join us in the subject line to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link.

On Tuesday mornings we will be studying the book of Corinthians. On Sunday nights we are studying the book of 1 John.

Weekly Christian Education

Sundays at 10:00 EST on Zoom

 If you would like to join us please send an email with "Discovering God" in the subject line to frcnutley@optimum.net and we will send you a link. Discovering God is our weekly Christian Education program. We are currently studying scripture that has to do with the Holy Spirit. Our format is to meet the 2nd (learning week), 3rd (planning week) and 4th (response/action week) Sundays of the month. All of the participants are currently adults but we are glad to welcome people of all ages.

12 days of CHRISTMAS

doorjam Virtual Christmas Concert

Our doorjam Christmas music collection is still available!

We are happy to bring this music to you and we hope you will enjoy it!

As always the concert is free to view, but there is a donate button to accept donations should you feel moved to contribute.  All proceeds will go to the Franklin Reformed Church General Fund.

You can find the concert Here

Weekly Schedule

                 All scheduled events will take place online.  See above for directions.                      



                                                                 10:00am          Discovering God Christian Education Program                                                                   11:00am          Worship   

                                                                   5:00pm          Bible Study



                                                                  10:00am         Bible Study                        



                                                                   11:00am         Worship

                                                                     5:00pm         Bible Study 



                                                                 10:00am            Bible Study 



                                                                 11:00am           Worship    

                                                                   5:00pm           Bible Study 



                                                                 10:00am          Bible Study

                                                                 11:00am          Worship           



                                                                10:00am          Discovering God Christian Education Program                                                                  11:00am          Worship    

                                                                  5:00pm          Bible Study



                                              10:00am            Bible Study



                                                                     Ash  Wednesday



                                                              10:00am           Discovering God Christian Education Program

                                                              11:00pm           Worship

                                                                5:00pm           Bible Study



                                                             10:00am           Bible Study

We are glad to host many groups in our building.

Please check the group's website for dates and times:

NA, AAAl-Anon,  Al-Anon Family, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts,  

ACA Reparent Through Self Love (Thursdays 1:30-2:45pm 
We are meeting on the phone, all are welcome! Dial-in number (515) 606-5187
Access code: 240675#)

(Please do not call the church office about meeting times we only make the room available,

we do not know if the groups actually use the space every time they are scheduled) 

Please continue to check back often as our building use policies will continue to change.

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