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Remember that hunger does not take a vacation during the summer months. Please continue your support of the Food Bank in all seasons. During the summer months families with school aged children will need more support for lunches, which the children receive at school during the school year. Peanut butter, jelly, individual fruit cups, juice boxes and healthy snacks are especially appreciated. 

The Nutley Family Service Bureau provides not only services for food insecurity, but also Mental Health services, teen leadership programs, child social skills workshops and Men's support groups.  The NFSB also runs a Thrift shop which appreciates both donations and shoppers! To find out

more about The NFSB click on the blue button

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Here is a list of recommended non-perishable foods you could pick up that would make a great donation for the Nutley Family Service Bureau food pantry: 
Protein (Currently most needed at NFSB): Canned fish, Canned  meats such as chicken, beef stew, Nut and soy butters, canned Legumes; Beans, peas and lentils 
Vegetables: Canned vegetables 
Fruit: Canned and jarred fruit, fruit cups, Dried fruit, Fruit preserves, 100% juice 
Grains : Rice, Pasta, Barley, Bulgur, Couscous, Hot cereal, Cold cereal, Crackers, Popcorn, Pretzels  
Dairy: Canned milk, Powdered milk, Shelf-stable milk, Pudding cups 
Nuts & seeds,

Energy Bars
(Whole grain, no sugar added, low sugar, low fat and low sodium are healthier choices)


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