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The Vision Portrait of

The Franklin Reformed Church:


Where there is Jesus there is life.

          Where there is life there is future.

                    Where there is future there is hope.

                              We are a people of hope.

                          God has a vision of the future

              And is searching for a congregation to embrace it.

                               We are that congregation.

We are a city on a hill:

       Walking the way of Jesus and not looking back.

       Welcoming the chance to begin again.

       Anticipating Christ’s return because we do not know the        day or hour.

       Living with our doors always open.


We are the light of the world:

       Walking toward the light of God so others might see the          Love of God reflected in our faces.

       Welcoming those who hunger and thirst for God.

       Anticipating the day when there is no night.

       Living humbly in service.


We are the salt of the earth:

        Walking out of step with the rest of the world but in step         with the Holy Spirit and each other.

        Welcoming strangers as though they might be angels.

        Anticipating together the time when the fullness of the           Son of God will be revealed.

        Living as though God’s promise has already been                       fulfilled.



The Mission Statement of The Franklin Reformed Church

      We, the congregation of the Franklin Reformed Church seek to live joyously in the presence of God, walking in the way of Jesus and going where God sends us, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Our role and mission is to worship and serve the Lord. We commit ourselves to pray and learn, teach and serve, nurture and support welcoming all those who are sent to us by God.

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